Team Ammine

Ammonia is a carbon-free fuel produced on a scale of over 150 M tons / year.  We examine the fundamental chemistry of N-H and N-N bond cleavage and formation that guides the development of molecular electrocatalysts based on iron and copper to cleanly generate energy from NH3 and ultimately, to sustainably produce NH3 from N2.


Current Team Members

Md Estak Ahmed, Ph.D.

electrocatalytic NH3 oxidation at Cu

Josalyne Beringer 

N-N bond formation via copper(II)

Mehdi Raghibi

electrocatalytic NH3 oxidation at Fe and Cu

Jeremy Ridley

DFT modeling of NH3 oxidation at ferrocenium

Evan Gardner

diazene H-bonding and H-atom transfer

Dominic Pham

DFT modeling of N-H bond cleavage at Fe